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Film of a 1972 WCSC Radio promotion at Folly Beach

Fred Jordan and Capt. Lewis Burk, WCSC's original owners
E. F. Ogilvie, WCSC's first engineer
WCSC radio transmitter site
WCSC Chief Engineer Edward Ogilvie holding a 5000 watt Deforest tube
 at the WCSC transmitter site sometime in the 1930s
1939 print ad (notice WCSC's frequency of 1360; it wouldn't be 1390 until 1941)

Emma Lee Heitman writes: "I'm curious about the time the photo was taken and mentioned it to my sister. She thinks that it was taken between 1945-48 and remembers two names: 'Shorty Wiggins and the Gang' and 'Dixie Playboys'. I hope that you have other photos showing the same carpet, drapes, etc. and can date it. My sister remembers going to the 12th floor of the Francis Marion Hotel where the studio was located and singing on Saturday mornings 'Juvenile Jamboree'. Uncle Russ was the emcee.. Any help will be appreciated." Do you have more information?

WCSC manager Roland Weeks

This WCSC Radio publicity photo features, left-to-right, News Director Bob Truer, Charlie Hall and Bob Tamblyn. Lorraine Evans (aka Happy Raine) provided further information: "The guy on Charlie’s left is Bob Tamblyn who was a radio announcer then went to TV and did a country music show. The picture was made at the WCSC radio studios atop the Francis Marion Hotel. The boards behind them were traffic boards for programming throughout the day, showing commercials and programs. The calendar is from Walker, Evans and Cogswell, a printer which once occupied the building at #1 Broad and ran back to Elliott Street. That whole thing was the printing shop (presses). Since Charlie and Bob look so young, my guess on the calendar year would be 1945 or 1951. Charlie was in the Army before coming to Charleston, so depending on when he got out; maybe '51 would be more realistic. It was a year that New Years Day was on a Monday. That is an old Underwood typewriter. The man in the picture in the background is probably a CBS radio personality." Bob Kight later wrote: "The man in the photo behind Charlie Hall is an actor by the name of Jack Carson. He made a few comedies and melodramas. He had a radio show on CBS around 1946."

Various WCSC Radio staff including Al Stone and Charlie Hall
Al Stone at the WCSC Radio controls
Al Stone on the air at WCSC Radio
Al Stone publicity photo
Photo of Al Stone sent out to publicize his promotion to Assistant Sales Manager
"Meet a new member of your sales staff. Through Albert J. Stone, as Assistant Sales Manager, WCSC Radio takes another step toward helping you gain more advertising support. 'Advertisers and their agencies are turning to radio more than ever this year for widespread impact and media efficiency.' Mr. Stone will devote his time, energy and twelve years of Radio know-how toward encouraging the people who control your advertising to channel more dollars into the Voice of Coastal Carolina, Charleston's most effective radio station. Al's success will give you much greater promotional impact for the products you represent in this area. Your cooperation is the key to this success."
WCSC "Underground Charleston" Handout
R.J. Kight interviews a lovely WCSC listener at a Folly Beach remote (1972)


WCSC-TV commercial promoting Mike Hiott's WCSC Radio show

Older WCSC logo
Ken Nash cues up a tune in the WCSC control room circa 1973
Harry Gindhart (1973)
John Rivers, Sr.

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